Jan 30, 2012

Sorry for the Temporary Absence of...

A lot of the posts lately have been just the Daily Deals, but don't think that I'm not busy creating new valuable content similar to the 2010 video embedded in the Brazilian Keratin Treatment post. Here are a few of the things you can look forward to in the near future:

  • There will be a series of posts chronicling my process and the results of a hair treatment I'm formulating.
  • A how-to series for the ladies on creating your own 15 minute face, from cleansing to out the door.
  • Budget and savings advice.
  • A new fragrance of the month.
  • Possibly an interview or two...
As always, if there's something in particular you want to know about about in the realm of wellness, email me at EClassVentures@gmail.com and you may just see it featured.



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