Jan 6, 2012

Fragrance of the Month - Introduction

This year ECV will be highlighting a different fragrance each month.  Let's begin by giving you a little background knowledge about fragrance families. In the beginning there were four basic families:  Floral, Oriental, Woody and Fresh. Now when shopping for a fragrance you may see or hear from the lady at the sales counter a number of other descriptions such as fruity, fresh or spicy. Here we're going to keep it simple and stick to the original four.

This month we picked the fragrance via the MK Personal Beauty Profiler's fragrance finder. We decided to use the find by personality and must say that the profiler worked whether well.  It matched ECV's founder (a multi-tasking girl always on the go that loves to travel) with one of her favorites, the Belara Eau de Parfum, which falls under the Floral family.

Click to learn more about the fragrance's composition or to purchase a bottle.

Click to learn more details about the fragrance wheel currently used by the fragrance industry. Remember a well-informed consumer is a happy consumer.



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