Jan 25, 2012

Reaching New Year's Resolutions & Goals with Compass

Well over the past few weeks I indulged the idea of being a Compass Representative, however unfortunately it would overload an already overwhelming schedule.  Yet that does not change my belief in affordable life coaching for all women.  After all I'm still a Compass client.

So for any interested in getting help with setting and reaching their goals this year, please visit the Compass site.  You can check out the available MAPs (Monthly Action Plans) that give you the framework for creating change and moving towards the life you desire.  There's a free trial with no credit card required if you click the "Membership" link so you get a better idea of the value of Compass.  And if you do decide to join I can personally recommend Erica Jefferson as a truly motivating Compass life coach.

So check it out and start reaching your resolutions and goals with Compass!



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