Mar 20, 2013

My Experience on Dr. Oz's 3-Day Detox Cleanse

Last week I did Dr. Oz's 3-Day Detox Cleanse. As stated on the show, the food cost was less than $16 a day. If you know me off the web, you know I did the math ;) The link to the list of foods is below.

The breakfast drink was delicious and went down well. Surprisingly, hunger was not an issue even when lunchtime came and you're supposed to drink the green monster below. Perhaps it's easier to swallow if you use a juicer versus a blender, but there still seems to be something inherently wrong with trying to drink 4 stalks of celery. Not until the third day of the detox was I hungry enough at lunch to force down a good amount of this drink.

Lunch drink
The dinner drink was delicious and had a kick to it with the cayenne pepper that's in the recipe. On the site some people didn't like this drink. I truly cannot understand how you can choke down the lunch drink and not tolerate a drink that is mostly blueberry-flavored. Maybe it's a blueberry bias.

Dinner Drink

In closing, I felt great after doing this three day detox. Can't say if I lost any weight as did the participants on the show (because I don't own a scale) but my mood did improve. Another surprise was that I did not miss eating meat at all during those three days. So give this a try if you're doing No Meat March and then tell us what you think of it in the comments.



I really want to do this but I thought I would need a juicer. You probably didn't lose any weight cuz you do not have any weight to lose.

Marie I'm half way there and so way so good, did have a little queaziness last night but it pass and get up a little dizzy. tomorrow will be day three and by Thursday I will weigh myself and tell you the results. Also I haven't had to take the pain pills for migraines since starting, THANKS!

Happy to hear that the detox is helping with the migraines!

If you have the Magic Bullet, it works very well at blending everything. In fact it comes with covered containers you can take with you for the lunch drinks. Just something helpful to put out there.

Completed the detox on 4/3 and must say I still have not had to take meds for the migraines! In fact feel pretty well with only slight moments of a hint that they might return. So since I'm recording all I eat I'm learning what may contribute to the problem. Thanks so much!

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