Oct 12, 2013

Fragrance Extravaganza

This month instead of having one featured fragrance we have 6!

Close WindowLast week, the sample was for Viva by Fergie which is still on sale for $20.  It has a fresh lavender-like scent.

This week we're sampling two Avon classics: Wild Country for him and Haiku for her.

You can get 1 Wild Country for $17.50 or 2 for $22 but either way you'll get the FREE Dopp Kit pictured below.
Close Window

The women's fragrance Haiku is available for immediately delivery and is only $12.  If you've never experienced it before, it smells fresh and natural like a garden blooming with jasmine, lilies and citrus. 

Check back next week for another scent for guys!



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