Oct 22, 2010

Three Steps to Beautiful Eyes

Have you ever wondered how you can get those multi-hued picture perfect eyes seen on the models in the fashion & beauty magazines? Try this three step process. While you may not get it just right on the first try, don't give up. Remember the old adage: practice makes perfect; in this case, let's make it picture perfect.

  1. Apply foundation to entire eyelid to prep skin to hold color. Bush a medium-toned shadow in a neutral shade over the entire lid. Then brush a deeper color along the crease to create depth. Gently smudge colors together to blur any unnatural looking lines.
  2. Use a darker color shadow or eye pencil to rim the lash line. You should make the line thicker at the outside of eye and then get gradually thinner toward the inside corner. For a subtle look, line just the top lash line; for a more dramatic look, line both the bottom and top.
  3. Close eyes and dust lashes lightly with translucent face powder so mascara will cling to them. Brush on mascara, rolling the wand as you stroke lashes for even coverage. Apply a thin coat, let dry, then apply a second coat.
Other Useful Hints
     When applying mascara, hold a tissue under lashes so that makeup doesn’t end up on the skin. And to minimize dark circles under eyes, apply a concealer that is at least half a shade lighter than your skin tone after applying mascara to bottom lashes. Or if you prefer to reduce the appearance of dark circles in just two weeks and have long-term benefits, try TimeWise® Targeted-Action™ Eye Revitalizer. Email E-Class Ventures for a free sample.



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