Oct 22, 2010

Blush Application Tips

Ever wonder how to apply your blush so you won't look like a clown or worse, like some one hit you in the face. Here are some tips to help!

Don't try to "contour" you face with darker and lighter shades of blush if you're just beginning; that's pro territory and requires lots of practice. First figure out what your face shape is and then apply regular blush with your facial shape in mind.

On a Round face: Place blush from the center of your cheek out along the ridge of your cheekbone, blending upward towards your temples. Dot some on your chin too.

On a Square face: Use minimal blush placed on the lower apple of your cheek. Don’t sweep it upwards or to side.

On a Narrow face: Blush goes at the outer point of your cheekbone. Don’t sweep it upwards; keep it horizontal.



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