Dec 13, 2011

MK Classic Basic News

Faithful Mary Kay users know them as the original skin care set, the wonderful Classic Basic line that comes in three formulas to suit dry, blemish-prone and normal/combination/oily skin types.  They have stood that test of time and remained in the product line despite many other changes to the product offerings...until now.

The company has recently announced that in 2012 Formula 1 and Formula 2 will be discontinued.  If you love these and want to stock up now, please visit our store.  Remember as always E-Class Ventures offers all MK products at a 20% discount from the retail price listed on the site.

So you're wondering 'What do they plan to replace Formula 1 and Formula 2 with?'  Well beginning in February 2012 a new line called Botanical Effects will be available.  The products will be hypoallergenic and free of fragrance, alcohol and synthetic dyes making it a nice choice for sensitive skin.  We'll have free samples available soon so reserve yours now!



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