Dec 2, 2010

Mary Kay Updates

Great news for Mary Kay lovers! Although our website has been down for most of the year, it will be returning January 2011. When it does there is an added bonus, all of the products will be sold at a 20% DISCOUNT!!! This is not for a limited time; this is a new E-Class Ventures pricing policy for all Mary Kay products so spread the word.

For anyone who loves Mary Kay so much that they want an even bigger discount, contact us about becoming a representative. A recruiting promotion was run last month where new representatives could get their starter kit (filled with over $400 of retail products) for only $75. Well more great news came from the company yesterday; the promotion has been extended until December 15!

Please contact Ms. Marie personally if you have even the slightest amount of interest as I am also looking for a Mary Kay business partner.



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