Dec 12, 2010

Getting Fit with P90X - The First Week back

I've tried doing P90X before. The first time I started during the school year (in my day gig I'm a public school teacher). I ended up hurting so badly that I decided to wait until the summer time.

During the summer I did well until I got my floors remodeled. (If you're looking to get your floors done, try C. Harris Int'l Flooring.) After that was done I decided that working out and cleaning my entire house of the sawdust residue was doing two workouts daily. Also, it's really, really hot in Florida during the summer and electricity is costly, lol. Interpret that however you want.

At any rate here's a quick rundown of the first week:
Day 1 - December 3rd Didn't do anything
Day 2 - Did two workouts; the one from day 1 Core Synergistics and day 2 Cardio X
Day 3 - Did nothing again
Day 4 - Did Shoulders & Arms. From previous experience I know Ab Ripper X is too intense for me. I meant to  do Yoga X later that night but it is incredibly long.
Day 5 - Did Legs & Back. Once again I did not do Ab Ripper X. Maybe I'll try to during Week 3.
Day 6 - I was supposed to do my favorite workout, Kenpo X, today, but personal problems got in the way (ughh!).
Day 7 - This day of the program is actually designated as a rest day or you can do the Stretch X dvd. I chose and will most likely always choose to rest.

In the future expect daily and more detailed posts. The program recommends their fitness drink; I found a comparable product found at Whole Foods. Check back for more details!



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