Feb 2, 2012

The Hidden Hair Threat - Part 1

You may have it and not even be aware of it.  Your hair seems dull and dry no matter what you put on it and you've tried a number of different products. Your chemical processes (perms, relaxers, coloring, highlighting) seem to take longer or don't come out just right.  Then there's the most dreaded hair problems of unsightly flaking and thinning hair.  You search for the right product, the right stylist, the right diagnosis but can never seem to find the solution.  There may be one hidden threat that you're overlooking in your own home that you come into contact with regularly:  Hard Water.

According to some sources 85% of homes have hard water. The minerals that make water hard can wreak havoc on your hair: discoloration, dryness and the flaking and breakage you'll notice in the video below.

In part 2, we'll dive deeper into what makes water hard and things that might help.  We'll also have another video with after shots from using version one of the in-production hard water hair rinse.



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