Jul 28, 2011

Me Time

How many times do we ladies put ourselves at the end of our 'to-do lists' only to find ourselves completely exhausted an unable to fulfill our promise to self of me time?

 After a recent vacation & my dental appointment yesterday came to the realization that I've seriously neglected myself. Oh sure I do waste an inordinate amount of time playing PC games, but I don't take care of myself like I once did & vowed to never stop doing.

The point is this: LADIES starting today find at least a few minutes during the week to do something for yourself that you've been meaning to do but keep putting off for whatever reason. It could be those weekly trips the nail salon, the monthly facial, or maybe even just trying that new diet or exercise move you saw on Doctor Oz.
To borrow from Nike, JUST DO IT!

And if you need help or a guide to making that much needed me time a reality, visit our Compass site and try 5 days of free coaching to achieve Life Balance.



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